Megan Stringer is a student at DePaul University in Chicago majoring in journalism with a minor in creative writing. She hails from Saint Louis, MO, a city she misses dearly. Megan is Co-Founder and Co-EIC of Shredded Mag, an online arts + culture magazine. She is also a Staff Writer at LoganSquarist, an online neighborhood news publication.

Her hobbies include photography, making lists, reading The New Yorker, drinking too much coffee, curating her own Instagram, and dancing to LCD Soundsystem. She enjoys brunch and magazines, especially together. Megan hopes to one day make her home look like a bookstore, interspersed with a few good velvet sofas. While living in that bookstore-home, she would like to see Shredded continue to flourish and strangers continue to meet each other.

Email: mstringerpilot2015@gmail.com, meganstringer@shredded-mag.com

Instagram: @meganticss

Twitter: @megstringers